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Водомери Minomes

Водомери Minomess


Apartment Water Meter Minomess

Water Meter Qn 1.5 m3/h for surface installation

Perfect measuring technic for cold and warm water


A million times approved Minomess water meter may be used as initial first equipment as well as a replacement in an excellent way. We offer a reasonably priced water meter version with a nominal flow of Qn 1,5 m3/h. This applies to all standard installation situations with installation lengths of 80 mm and 110 mm for 3/4” thread and 130 mm for 1” thread.


-          meter with 8 number register allowing precise and easy reading in m3 and litres

-          for horizontal and vertical installation – rising and down pipes, meter head completely turnable

-          dry type, single jet impeller with magnetic drive

-          high measuring accuracy and reliability

-          Class B

-          approvals in 16 countries


Technical data


apartment water meter

nominal diameter DN mm  15 (1/2“)15 (1/2“)20 (3/4“)20 (3/4“)
nominal flow rate Qn m3/h1,51,51,52,5
maximal flow rate Qmax m3/h3335
minimal flow rate Qmin l/h60606060
calibration tolerance for cold water Qt... Qmax± 2%± 2%± 2%± 2%
calibration tolerance for warm water Qt... Qmax± 3%± 3%± 3%± 3%
calibration tolerance Qmin... Qt± 5%± 5%± 5%± 5%
permissible working pressure bar10101010
test pressure bar16161616
pressure loss at Qn bar0,250,250,250,25
pressure loss at Qmax bar1111
minimal indication value l0,050,050,050,05
maximal indication value m3100.000100.000100.000100.000
maximum temperature for cold water30°C30°C30°C30°C
maximum temperature for warm water90°C90°C90°C90°C
approval type of cold water meter for all types:

D84 6.131.75

approval type of warm water meter for all types:

D84 6.331.54

connection thread G inchG 3/4 BG 3/4 BG 1 BG 1 B 1)
height H mm71737878
diameter counter D mm64646464
length L mm80110130130
net weight kg0,420,420,520,60 2)
magnetic protection

according to the VDDW guidelines PTB tested

potential free relay outputoptionaloptionaloptionaloptional
pulse ratio Imp/L1111

1) recommended classification with compression fittings

2) without compression fittings 



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